Hoyle Swashbucklin' Slots App Reviews

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Hoyle Swashbucklin Slots

Great Vegas-style slot play from the very first spin! The superior graphics and performance bring the 10 different themed slot games to life. After winning a big spin, I felt like security was going to come over and escort me to the bank to collect my winnings. It was that authentic.

not recommended

I found this game very boring. The wheel spins are very slow, bonus and wilds blink even when not scoring, instead of only blinking on a payline or when going to a bonus round. And thats another thing thats very boring...the bonus round. And even though there are several "different" games, theyre all really the same. And at least on my device my winnings arent saved. All in all not recommended. Ive already deleted the game from my device.

Love it!

The slots are so fun. This will keep me entertained for hours without actually traveling to Vegas. I loved the sound effects and the colorful displays! Two thumbs up for this app.

My new favorite app

This game is fun!! I started playing when i got in line at the dmv like 18 hours ago and its still amusing. With all my winnings i could potentially drive off with a hummer instead of my Plymouth neon once i get my license. Its a good entertaining app. And at a buck ninety nine, its cheaper than driving to Vegas. Woohoo!

Very nice

This is a very nice slot machine game. The graphics and animations look great. Each of the 10 slots has its own unique sounds. The statistics table provides a nice variety of information. Credits carry over from game to game, and to each slot machine. Anyone who thinks this is a boring game, or that it is not fun, should not be playing slot machine games on their iPhone-iPod-iPad. Its that simple. This game worked great on my iPod Touch 2G.

Great slots game

Hands down best slot game out. Has bonus games like the casino and multiple game themes to choose from. Would recommend for any slot lover. Be careful hard to stop playing.

Fun slots!

**PLEASE FIX the game from resetting!** all my winnings are lost ! Super fun and addicting!! The variety of slots offered is super fun wish it were real money! The only thing I would like to fix is carrying over money the next time I play. I have "lost" all the winnings a few times when the game resets after not playing for a while.

Fun game

Super fun! Please fix the resetting when you dont play for a while


If I could Id leave zippo stars I would. BORING!!!!! Dont waste your $$$ Im disappointed. I really expected more from Hoyle!!!!!

Love this game but it has a bug

I Love this game, I have played hours upon hours and enjoy it! I got to over $5 million points and now after not playing for a while it always goes back to the same points no matter if I have won more or lost more, it goes back to the same point so I cannot win or lose anymore. I gave a three-star because of the bug in it, otherwise I would have given it a five star. Please fix this bug so that we all may continue to enjoy the game!

Not Great

I thought buying the full version of this app would make it better ... but it didnt! It takes a minimum of 6 to 10 spins before any money is won and then when you do win its minimal... I dont know how the first reviewer got to a $5 million dollar bank roll... I havent been able to more than 15,000 before its wasted away to nothing on spins that dont payout. The other slots game by these guys is better and I have a bankroll of just under $4 million but every since their last update to that game my balance doesnt save so I always start out at the same amount I had before the update ... And Im bummed that they didnt include the original game in the update ... The 3 new reels arent as good. Hopefully better updates to both games comes soon...

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